Celebrating the SUCCESS stories of 15 young Bengali women


Bong women are (stereotypically) known for their intelligence, luscious beauty, deep eyes and their sheer gall and gutsiness.  We at BONGFeed felt that the everyday Bong woman, along with her more famous and often celebrated sisters, deserves a fillip- if only for once to show the world how these common yet singularly talented & strong Bengali dames have achieved their success. And each of their stories teach us a new way of looking at everyday life. Here are 15 of our own Bongo lolonas who’s often overlooked but significant successes we are very proud of.

Ananya Chatterjee, Assistant Director
Ananya Chatterjee. BONGFeed.com
Ananya Chatterjee.

She wished for freedom in the profession she opts for. The film industry gave her exactly that. Being behind the camera is not always an elite affair, but Ananya is ready to put in her best efforts for the films she makes. With no close at hand role model, this girl of course feels like giving up at times, yet she starts everyday with a new promise to create great films.

Quote: The film industry is beautiful only if you know where to look for it. Money will come in gradually but being patient and consistent, creates the best of cinema.
Chandrayi Chatterjee, Teacher
Chandrayee Chatterjee. BONGFeed,com
Chandrayi Chatterjee

She made her ambition turn real and is now one of the loveliest teachers you can meet at Calcutta Public School. Inspired by her own childhood teachers and professors, she opted for this dynamic role where Chandrayi believes being friendly and sweet to the students can yield better outcome, than punishments or assignments.

Quote: Let’s make education a joy for the next generation.
Debarati Roy, HR Consultant
Debaroti Roy. BONGFeed.com
Debarati Roy.

Right after completing college, she got her first offer letter and never looked back. Madly in love with her childhood admirer, she thinks the professional journey would have been incomplete without his constant support. In near future, while she prepares to head her own HR firm, she also wishes to have a lovely family.

Quote: Work to live; don’t live to work.
Debomita Guha Thakurta, Relationship Manager
Debomita Guha Thakurta. Debaroti Roy. BONGFeed.com
Debomita Guha Thakurta.

At her first job with ICICI Bank, Debomita deals with Trusts Association Societies and Clubs (TASC) which definitely involves a lot of money and planning. Yet, she counts her baba’s long time association with finance and insights from her seniors, as steps to success.

Quote: I live in the present and plan for a year ahead.
Diotima Roy, Microbiologist
Diotima Roy. BONGFeed.com
Diotima Roy.

After a lot of petpujo, Diotima derives reports on microbiological contents of those. The role is of course challenging, but it’s the interesting world under the microscope that she counts as her call to office. Plus, the magnificent work environment of TAJ (Kolkata) is another prime reason for her to love her paycheque.

Quote: You needs to love the subject. As it involves a lot of things concurrently, one may get confused otherwise.
Dipanjali Biswas, Marketing Associate Consultant
Dipanjali Biswas.BONGFeed.com
Dipanjali Biswas.

This day doodler wants to start her own business later in life. Hence to start with, she wants to master the art of marketing, as, “In today’s age, great products fail because they lack proper marketing,” quips Biswas.  She admits that the bookish knowledge of MBA and what she does in office differs, but it’s the everyday scope of new learning that she enjoys

Quote: Gaining knowledge includes theory, practical and also a lot of networking.
Mimi Ganguly, Medical Intern
Mimi Ganguly. BONGFeed.com
Mimi Ganguly.

After clearing all her medical semesters, Mimi is now serving as an intern for a year, all set to receive the MBBS certificate, next year. While in conversation, this Doctor didi recapitulates her first experience of delivering a baby during a gynecological posting as one of the defining moments of her life.

Quote: Even if everyone loses faith in you, don’t lose faith in yourself.
Murchhana Banerjee, Jewelry Designer
Murchhana Banerjee. BONGFeed.com
Murchhana Banerjee.

From designing and making jewelries to posting and receiving client feedback, this entrepreneur does it from start to end, single handedly. The beautifully named, Murchhana hopes that her jewelry startup, Aphrodite’s grows big and wants to involve destitute girls in jewelry making projects.

Quote: Innovation is the key to thriving in any business.
Natasha Das, Digital Media Strategist
Natahsa Das. BONGFeed.com
Natahsa Das.

This probashi fashionesta holds two Master’s Degrees. That’s not all – Natasha is also a Digital Media Strategist at IBM. She believes it’s performance alone that can pave one’s future, over gender or any other bias. She considers her work very satisfying for anyone with good communication skills and fast learning abilities.

Quote: Focus on one thing and give your best to it.
Reshmi Ghosh, Video Journalist
Reshmi Ghosh. BONGFeed.com
Reshmi Ghosh.

Gender is just a term for her. In her very first year in the industry, Reshmi debuted with extensive coverages of events like Bangalore Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week and Indian Beach Fashion week. She enjoys her everyday work and makes sure her hectic schedules end with some yummy food to tuck in tp. After all, she is a foodie too.

Quote: What seriously matters is how I am and what I am.
Samhati Bhattacharjya, Journalist
Samhati Bhattacharjya. BONGFeed.com
Samhati Bhattacharjya.

She got her Press Card from the Supreme Court of India; she interned with CNN IBN, TOI and now you can find this brilliant journalist writing her columns for the International Business Times. Indeed, Samhati has done a lot in few years. At the same time, she loves making jewelry and is passionate about dance.

Quote: We still live in a male dominated society, but it is us who can change the society and make it a better and safer place for women.
Sreemoyee Chattopadhyay, Home Baker
Sreemoyee Chatterjee. BONGFeed.com
Sreemoyee Chatterjee.

Her nickname is Cookie, her startup is Cookie’s. While enjoying baking sessions with granny, little did Sreemoyee know about this long term bond with cakes and bakes! With a certified course from IHM, Mumbai—today she remains busy delivering her orders fresh and fair within promised timelines. From breads, biscuits to cakes and ice creams, she has learnt it all, and hopes to keep up the pace.

Quote: If anyone enjoys baking, they should definitely give this a shot. However, it requires a lot of patience.
Srijita Ray Barman, PR Executive
Srijita Ray Barman.BONGFeed.com
Srijita Ray Barman.

Very confident with her communication skills, Srijita stepped into the PR industry right after college. Today she is one of the prominent PR professionals in her city, with a client list including Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, Fung Shway and Kitchen Stories. The scope to meet, interact and work with people from different walks of life makes PR her cup of tea.

Quote: If you think you have the capability of doing research and you have a way with words then this maybe the right profession for you.
Upasana Paul, Architect
Upasana Paul. BONGFeed.com
Upasana Paul. BONGFeed.com

It’s her nascent interest and exposure to different magazines since childhood that drove her to be an architect. Presently working in Bengaluru, its everyday objects and things that motivate Upasana. With her architectural skills, she serves her clients beautiful solutions and is also a wonderful photographer in her down time.

Quote: The prospects for a woman is same as for a man— it all depends solely on your efficiency.
Yaggyaseni Mittra Chauhan, Zumba Trainer
Yaggyaseni Mitra Chauhan. BONGFeed.com
Yaggyaseni Mitra Chauhan.

A very short yet strong association since 2014 has made zumba her source of bread and butter. Yaggyaseni is presently practicing in Indore and loves it all. Zumba is her passion and a means to spread joy. She trusts a little more awareness about zumba can make the youth rock on zumba beats.

Quote: Do not give it a second thought; just go ahead.

We hope you are inspired by the 15 Bong girls we celebrated. They are all your’s truly’s acquaintances and friends, by the way! They are the everyday, fascinating, strong and purposeful woman we all come across but fail to notice. If you are a Bengali woman, or a woman from anywhere for that matter, we sure look forward to hearing your success stories soon.


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