Values and spirit of Vivekananda: Influence on Netaji

From the very childhood, Subhas had already made Vivekananda his spiritual teacher, who had a great contribution in shaping the principles of his life....

In search of the connection between songs and soul – a book review

Book Review: In search of the connection between songs and soul, Gitanjali, the Song Offerings by Rabindranath Tagore The dawn of 20th century witnessed a...

A Short Walk in Bengal’s Entrepreneurial and Industrial Past

Talk about Bengali and the image of a “Bhadralok/Bhadramohila” comes up in front of our eyes – intellectual, argumentative, agitational, cultured – well read...

Meaning of Dharma in the eyes of Law

MEANING OF DHARMA IN THE EYES OF LAW - Etymologically Dharma is a Sanskrit word and it has been adopted by most Indian languages...

Why the second generation looks for justice

“Memory is now our only tool against the falsification of history” says Aditya, the protagonist of the novel “The infidel next door” when the...

Problems With Fetishizing Bengali Women

A friend recently sent me the link to a video of a Bengali woman’s obsession to cook the perfect fish dish and 15 seconds...


Ontorjatra (Bengali: অর্ন্তযাত্রা; English: Homeland)  Director:  Tareque and Catherine Masud Country: Bangladesh Year: 2006 After 15 years abroad, Shireen and her son Sohel return to Bangladesh to attend the...

India-Bangladesh relationship : Look beyond economics

The relationship between Bangladesh and India mainly concentrates on economics and often on divisions- religious divides, land and border disputes, export-import imbalance, sovereignty, nationalism,...

Zerin M. Firoze – Journey of a Bangladeshi Woman from Islam to Atheism

Journey of a Bangladeshi Woman from Islam to Atheism Zerin M. Firoze I never believed in religion, not even as a child. Religions, particularly Islam, never...

Islamic Bangladesh strangles spirit of Liberalism

Muslim bloggers, Hindus bear the brunt Only a few days back, Janab Hasanul Haq Inu (Minister of Information, Government of Bangladesh), came forth with startling...

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‘Bengali Muslim’ As An Oxymoron: Crisis And Conflict Of Identities

  Legendary Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay sets the context in this regard when he remarks in one of his famous literary works,‘Srikanta’, “The Bengali...

From Ekushey to Muktijuddho: The Myth of Bengali Nationalism

  In 1964, the entire East Pakistan was rocked by violence against the minority Bengali Hindu community. Anti Bengal Hindu riot broke out across the...

Is Bengal Heading Towards A Genocide?

India, it is said, lives in her villages. But she can be understood through the slogans that rents her skies and the way her...