Attack on minority Hindu community for land grabbing in Mymensingh’s Ishwarganj upazila

Bangladesh's leading daily Dainik Prothom Alo reports that a family belonging to the minority Rabidas community was attacked for land grabbing in Mymensingh's Ishwarganj...

In the case of the death of lawyer Palash Roy

In the case of the death of lawyer Palash Roy, who was burnt to death in Panchagarh Jail, the question has arisen, what actually...

Popular singer Nakul Kumar Biswas has written an open letter to the Prime Minister...

Open letter to Hon'ble Prime Minister - Nakul Kumar Biswas Hon'ble Prime Minister- I- an ordinary singer, an engineer. I wrote a letter to you with great courage Verify...

Protest procession of Muslim Touhidi people in Patia, Chittagong, idol vandalism

Protest procession of Muslim Touhidi people was held in Dhalghat camp area in Patia, Chittagong on Friday afternoon to protest against the killing of...

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‘Bengali Muslim’ As An Oxymoron: Crisis And Conflict Of Identities

  Legendary Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay sets the context in this regard when he remarks in one of his famous literary works,‘Srikanta’, “The Bengali...

From Ekushey to Muktijuddho: The Myth of Bengali Nationalism

  In 1964, the entire East Pakistan was rocked by violence against the minority Bengali Hindu community. Anti Bengal Hindu riot broke out across the...

Is Bengal Heading Towards A Genocide?

India, it is said, lives in her villages. But she can be understood through the slogans that rents her skies and the way her...