Would India’s CAA sound the death-knell for Hindus in Bangladesh?


Amid all controversies and anxieties in India over CAA and its execution to better the lot of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian refugees persecuted in the neighboring Islamic countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Islamic terrorism, to exterminate remaining Hindus in Bangladesh, go unabated and Ms. Hashilata Biswas (aged 70) becomes the latest casualty. The nerve-wracking incident took place recently at Malibata Biswabandhu Ashram in the district Gopalgunj within Dhaka division where the aged priestess was hacked to death by nameless assailants. It is feared that she had been raped prior to the ghastly murder as well.  In accordance with Sri Rana Dasgupta, renowned advocate and also General Secretary at Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Council, Hashilata had five offspring and was connected to the ashram for almost a decade; her ghastly murder brings forth the awful situation of Hindus in Bangladesh.

And this is not all for the moment. To worsen the overall situation, CAA promulgated by India of late is also believed to play a major role and this has been stated by none except Sri Gobinda Chandra Pramanik, advocate and also Secretary General, Bangladesh Jatio Hindu Mohajote (Bangladesh National Grand Alliance). According to a press report published recently, he narrated how India’s CAA has added to woes of Bangladeshi Hindus only and also wondered what would be the fate of remaining 40 millions of Bangladeshi Hindus stationed in India at the moment.

Ever since the formation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1947, horrors of persecution (backed by governmental apathy often) have got inseparable to Hindus there. There has not been a week yet when Hindus haven’t been hunted and inflicted savagery.  Their daily and social lives are shattered and continue to exist under a specter of horror for ever and a day. A free atmosphere and the worth of freedom and democracy do remain a far cry altogether. Pramanik states clearly, the state persecution on Hindus has increased manifold since CAA of India was heard and this is evident from the latest census of Bangladesh. As per reports of Bangladesh Government, in 2015 Hindus did constitute 10.15% of the entire population but in 2022 it came down to mere 7.9%. Never before, Hindus deserted Bangladesh (since 1947) in such high numbers to retain existence. The situation is extremely ominous.


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